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Russ Meyer's "A CLEAN BREAST" 3 Volume Set


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Russ Meyer's Long Awaited Autobiography
RM Films International

proudly announces the publishing event of the Millennium:

Let the clarion trumpet blare, the heavens rip asunder to proclaim... A CLEAN BREAST lives! Yes, Russ Meyer's three-volume Magnum Opus in now available exclusively via RM Films. After a decade of ceaseless toil, the legendary director and Breastman extraordinaire has finally unleashed a pictorial account of his life and mind. Surrender yourself to a startlingly intimate look into the personal and professional life of the director. Feast on a carnal adventure as the lensman describes in detail a Tinsel Town debauch replete with classic films and the most cantilevered women ever to undulate over the Earth's surface. And the Woman!!! Over 2,500 photos personally selected by Russ Meyer from his vast underground archive nestled deep within the hills of Hollywood. See LORNA MAITLAND, TURA SATANA, legendary USCHI DIGARD, ERICA GAVIN, KITTEN NATIVIDAD, the bumptious TUNDI, MELISSA MOUNDS, LETHA WEAPONS, PANDORA PEAKS and dozens more, as you've never seen them before. Thrill to the lust-crazed filmman's erotic meanderings as he recounts for you his monumental couplings with the most oversized and desirable women ever.

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